What are the types of braces for straightening teeth?

We all know how valuable our teeth are to us. Teeth play a vital role and help us to bite and chew our food. It also plays a significant role when we smile. But people who lack straight teeth will always feel awkward in smiling. Thus, biting and chewing is difficult when your teeth are not aligned. They also feel difficulty in smiling due to crooked teeth, and they feel anxious and depressed always. Thus, it is necessary to have straightened teeth. In the market, several braces come in different shapes and sizes and can be the best support to improve your teeth. Among brackets and wires, Lingual braces are popular. These products are very beneficial and help you straighten your teeth and can show you good results. In this blog, we will talk about other types of braces and know their pros and cons.

What are teeth straightening?

It is the process of aligning and moving teeth in the correct position according to your bite. It is done using external force and pressure. Thus, it helps crooked or misaligned teeth support to straighten it properly.


It is another type of brace that uses clear aligners to straighten your teeth. Earlier, metal braces were used that gently moves teeth using transparent plastic aligners. Now, braces have developed and changed their structure. These are custom made that fit better and shifts teeth little by little. Since there are no metal wires and brackets, so it fits better. But it is suggested to take your brace out to eat food that could be difficult to eat with a fixed brace on. But make sure to wear braces at least for 20 hrs each day.

The pros of Invisalign braces:

Invisalign braces you can easily remove while eating, drinking, and brushing teeth.

  • It’s very modest support.
  • When your treatment is over, your doctor will show you that how your teeth look after treatment.

The cons of Invisalign braces:

  • Invisalign is an expensive treatment.
  • It is for more complex problems.

Lingual braces:

These are known as Lingual braces, as they are attached to the lingual or tongue side of the teeth. It can’t be seen, but it is slightly hard for straightening teeth. These braces are fixed braces, but brackets and wires can gradually move the teeth. They are also custom-made to fit the irregular back surfaces of the teeth.

The pros of lingual braces:

  • They are not seen and are protected.
  • They are used to treat the bulk of difficulties.

The cons of lingual braces:

  • It is slightly difficult for your teeth to adapt to these braces.
  • Usually expensive than other braces.

To fix these braces, you need an experienced doctor to attach them to your teeth.

Retainers Braces:

These braces are not like braces. They help you to hold your teeth on the place in their new position. It is custom-made of plastic, and there are two types of retainers.

  • Removable retainers – They consist of a clear vacuum-formed mouth guard that fit the teeth
  • Fixed retainers – They are made of stainless steel wire. And they are attached behind the teeth.

The pros of retainers:

  • These are removable braces you need to wear at night.
  • Fixed retainers are very humble to wear

The cons of retainers:

  • It is made of plastic.
  • More expensive and less durable.

If you are thinking of getting your teeth to straighten, then we can surely help you out. We hope you have by now understood how these braces can help you out to give you the ideal smile that you are looking for. At our clinic, we treat and educate our patients thoroughly and provide them a road map. Do consider us. We will be happy to solve all your queries and give you a power-packed consultation on teeth straightening.

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